To seek out the quality in our spaces is to move towards alignment with our highest potential. 




To practice yoga is to heal. 

With this in mind, Daphne advocates a safe and sustainable yoga practice that allows for growth without the expense of self-acceptance.

She emphasises the merging of the body, breath and mind in classes that range from dynamic vinyasa practices to deep static holds. Often including philosophy and sound mantra into her classes, it is her hope for everyone to welcome mindful contemplation into their lives and to heed the way of their inner song. 

Daphne looks towards the quality in space as a means to collect the fragmented little selves back towards a singular presence. This Quality of Space may be observed through the physical body’s ability to move with ease and with stability, the calm of the inward and outward breath and the clarity between the mind and heart.  

By focusing on the quality of our thoughts, words and actions, a conscious and proactive path towards wisdom and compassion naturally arises.



Daphne is available for select spatial and architecture work interested in sustainable and holistic buildings to create positive incubators for our health and wellbeing. 

 A Licensed Biogeometry BG-EHS practitioner, she utilises energy balancing methods to create or recalibrate a space back to its potential. 

Get in touch if you would like to create an uplifting & holistic environment together or to harmonise your existing home. 



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