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From the inner realms of the mind and body to their projections and forms in the external world, Daphne's dedication is in the creation and recalibration towards harmonious space and geometry. 

She is committed to sharing the teachings of yoga with clarity and heart, in the same grain that she has been fortunate to receive. As a holistic architect and founder of Routes of Yoga & Webe Foundation, Daphne works across scales. From the microcosm of yoga to their outputs in the built environment she stitches the inner and outer realms of thought and manifestation together as a means towards integration and wholeness.

She seeks to thread the earth lightly, in a constant exchange with the people and places that she meets along the way. 



Born and raised in Singapore and Australia, Daphne had a natural tendency toward the body and movement growing up. She explored this through athletics and dance in her youth. She initially sought to understand the world through the lens of Architecture before turning inwards with Yoga. With its perennial wisdom, yoga provided a deep sense of peace in its quest to accept, understand and transform the human condition.

When she started teaching yoga, the opportunity to interact with large numbers of people and observe a diversity of human structures presented itself. 

Over time, the continuum between one's state of mind to its energetic and physical bodies as well as its projections into the external environment became evident. Daphne understood how her deeply rooted interest in  yoga and architecture were mirroring fields that completed each other. 

Her further studies in buddhism, Biogeometry and energetics and philosophy are reflections of the same pursuit of peace and harmony within and without. 


Routes of Yoga advocates the roots and living science of yoga. Using a grounded approach, ROY encourages honest dialogue, reflection and integration of Yoga into and as life. Visit Routes of Yoga for upcoming ROY events and selected writings.

Webe Foundation is a social platform and catalyst with the single aim of Making Good Things Happen. It drives holistic modalities into education systems and underserved communities and initiates projects interested in raising the collective consciousness.


Daphne is grateful to Andrey Lappa for introducing her to the Universal nature of yoga and his teachings through the years. It is through the clarity of this base that she has been able to progress on with her journey expansively.  


  • Bachelor of Planning & Design
  • Bachelor of Architecture
  • Registered Experienced Yoga Teacher, E-RYT 
  • Licensed Biogeometry BG-EHS Practitioner
  • Certified Permaculturist 


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